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C.O.S.E.C.H.A. Ministries

'Christians of Service Extending Christ's Harvest Abroad'

Panchovilla has no pastor, due to the fact that most cannot read. The elders from Rancho Alegre hikes to the village to minister with the church each week. The church is growing because of God working through the faithfulness of Hermano Alverado.

Pictured is Pastor Jonas (Plan), Hermano Alverado, Pastor Samuel (Santo Domingo), & Manuel.

Thank the Lord that the Village of Panchovilla now has a church to worship in. We will post a picture of the new church as soon as possible. 75 believers from Santo Domingo hiked to Panchovilla on 2 different days to help the believers in Panchovilla construction. The Bible Center Church helped them by matching the funds and materials. The sand and gravel was hauled by mule from the river by mule and Ken had the bagged cement hauled in. They cut down their own trees for the wood. You are invited to come worship with them in the new church!